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What is not to love in a GSD (German Shepherd Dog)? These dogs are super intelligent and energetic. They are good-looking too.

Their lovable nature notwithstanding, most folks are sceptical about bringing a German Shepherd home.

Well, we can’t blame them. Since most GSDs are police dogs, parents fear that adopting one may be risky for their kids.

If you’re in that category then you should read this post to the end.

I answered the question, Are German Shepherds good with kids? Also, I explained how best to live with a GSD.

Without any further ado, let’s jump right in!

Are German Shepherds Good With Kids?

Yes, these large-sized dogs are good with kids. Their playful and friendly traits make them a great pal for your kids.

Nevertheless, it is not as simple as it sounds. For the safety of your kids, you must ensure that the dog you’re adopting is properly socialized.

A German Shepherd is a product of its environment. When it is well trained and socialized, you will have a fantastic family member.

Otherwise, harm may not be so far away. A GSD that is not properly trained may become aggressive and hurt your kids.

Additionally, it is best to adopt a German Shepherd as a pup so that he will grow together with your kids.

Younger dogs are also easy to train and the female dogs are less aggressive naturally. You may want to remember that when you’re choosing a dog.

Are German Shepherds Good With Kids?

In the next section, I talked about the characteristics of a GSD that make it a good companion for kids.

Keep reading!

What Makes German Shepherds Good With Kids?

  1. They are playful

German Shepherds are playful and so are kids. Having a GSD in the house means your children will have a loving fur companion to play with.

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  1. Germans Shepherds are protective

The GSD is an excellent guard dog and will protect your kids from harm.

There’s a need for caution here. When your kids are playing with other children, the German Shepherd may perceive them as enemies and attack.

You can prevent this through socialization training.

Also, don’t leave the GSD and children unsupervised.

  1. They are good listeners

German Shepherds are very focused. They will listen keenly when your kids have stories to tell or stuff to whine about.

  1. German Shepherds are highly trainable

You can train a GSD to communicate effectively with your kids. They are super intelligent and willing to learn.

Look out for different tricks that you can teach this dog and invite a professional trainer where you can’t handle it.

  1. They are full of energy

German Shepherds are super active. These dogs will play with your kids for hours without getting tired. Talk about a perfect match for hyperactive children.

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  1. German Shepherds are generally healthy

Though they have a short life span (10-12 years), the GSD is one of the healthiest dog breeds.

So long as you take proper care of them, they will not fall ill unexpectedly.

The only sad part is that your kids will miss the dog when he dies.

High-quality dog food, regular exercising, and medical check-ups are required to maintain a healthy GSD.

Trust me, this dog is not one to miss.

Are German Shepherds Good With Kids?

In the next section, I talked about the downsides of having a GSD around your kids.

Keep reading!

What Are the Downsides of leaving German Shepherds with kids?

  1. They are Big

German Shepherds are large-sized dogs. A mature GSD weighs about 95 pounds.

If you have an adult dog at home, they may overwhelm your kids in play especially if you still have toddlers.

Hence, always supervise these dogs’ activities with your kids.

  1. German Shepherds are vocal

When a GSD barks loudly, and they do that a lot, it could scare the kids.

Gratefully, you can prevent this by training your dog to know when it is okay to bark and when it is not.

Take Away!

If you must adopt a German Shepherd then you should be ready to cater for it; grooming, feeding, training, and all.

Also, socializing your dog is important.  Take him out often to get used to kids and places. That way, you will help him associate children with his ‘pack’ nature.

Not just that, you must also teach your kids to relate well with the dog so that they will not rub on the dog wrongly.

Investing in pet toys is also a great idea so that your dog can keep busy when the kids are not available.


German Shepherds are good with kids but they must be properly socialized to prevent any bad news.

Also, it is recommended to get a female pup and let her grow with your kids.

We have now come to the end of our discussion on ‘Are German Shepherds Good With Kids?’ I hope you enjoyed the read.

Now tell me, would you adopt a German Shepherd for your kids?

Perhaps you already did, what has been the experience?

Let me hear your thoughts in the comments section right away.

Also, share this post with your friends, thank you!

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